About Chel


With an indie soul spirit threading through her Pop music, artist Chel writes songs that are poignant, accessible and important. Her radio worthy arrangements along with her inspiring positive outlook and on-point delivery keeps her current fans engaged and her fan-base growing.

Coming from a challenging start in St. Louis, MO, Chel was told for most of her life that she did not have the body type or look to succeed in the music industry. She was ridiculed, insulted, and even physically bullied on a regular basis. Through it all, two things became clear to Chel. She discovered that her outward appearance was directly correlated with her inward appearance and that her dreams were not going to chase themselves. Chel started to love who she was becoming and to believe in her abilities and soon, sparks began to fly. With a newfound desire to prove the world wrong, Chel released her single: “That Fire” -which had a good freshman run on YouTube with almost 80K views and over 1 million plays on Facebook: People now notice her conviction and confidence and she has their attention. 

In 4 short years, Chel has amassed a Facebook fan-base of over 1.1 Million followers, her music videos gaining 16M views, and a recent added Instagram account of 49K+ followers and growing quickly. Chel was hired to host her own prime time radio show on DASH X Radio. The EDM/POP show features other up and coming artists and the latest in pop music. 

Chel’s inspiration led her to a tour in March of 2017 with David Correy (X-Factor finalist) and later she opened for Jason Derulo in August and the following month played a sold out stadium opening for Nelly. Chel has begun to receive offers from several national clothing brands to endorse.  


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