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CHEL Oozes Self-Confidence On 'My Name': Exclusive - “My Name” is CHEL’s attempt to do just that. With its snappy piano-backed beat and unapologetic vocals, CHEL embraces things like the shape of her body, and the fact that she doesn’t wash her hair every day. She shows off an impressive vocal range, sliding effortlessly from a high and clear pitch to the song’s belting chorus as she sings, “If my name is what you’re saying/ I guess I’m doing something right.” -  12/18


If you love fierce and empowering female popstars, then you’re going to adore Chel... Chel is an incredible role model...”


“Popping under the radar... her jams aren’t just another empowerment song: they are born to make you have a better relationsip with being #bodyposi.” 

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It's always refreshing  when artists look to address and loosen the grip of antiquated views of society and LA-based modern pop starlet Chel takes aim at the standardized perception of modern beauty in life, music and beyond with "My Name".  This soaring indie-pop heavy hitter is a celebration of individuality, in an empowering, incredible catchy manner.